Samsung Galaxy S II: A dose of style and performance

ExtraGSM Team  |  June 06 2011  |   Comments 0

Telephony and Messaging

The Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II managed some great results during our tests. It showed great in-call quality and the sound was crystal-clear and as loud as you want it to. The reception was also decent, despite the sound breaking off in areas of poor coverage. The option of Smart Dial is present and works really well, enabling you to search names and numbers at the same time. Obviously, you have the option of voice dialing, which is really cool because you have to say ''Hi Galaxy" first and then speak your command, very Star Trek like. It's not as fast as you would expect it too, but it doesn't really matter, it's simply a cool app. An important aspect to remember is that this is a third-party app, and significantly better than what regular Android's have. Normally, from the telephony part of the phone, everything should pretty much work like a charm, the sound is good, the reception is good, it has cool apps and a great phonebook.

The messaging department is as basic as it gets. No complicated folder are present, just a simple new message button, under which you can find a list of all your messages nicely organized into threads. You also have application-specific search enabling you to find a certain message among all the stored ones. Another thing that makes us happy is that the tap to compose box is significantly bigger so no more viewing 2-3 lines of the text, which i'm sure you'll agree is very annoying. Adding message recipients is very easy, all you have to do is to start typing the given name or number and immediately choose from the contacts offered. Adding multimedia content to the message, means that it will automatically turn into an MMS. The translate option lets you translate your new message into a large variety of other languages, always a plus. Even better, this option can also be used for the messages you've received. Sure, you might think you'll never use it, but it's a good app to have, especially is you go on a holiday in Thailand or Sweeden. What concerns the email part, you should know that Gmail app supports batch operations, allowing multiple emails either to be archived, labeled or deleted. You have the option of multiple Gmail accounts and also a generic email application for your other email accounts which it can gladly support multiple POP or IMAP inboxes.

Samsung Galaxy S II: A dose of style and performance

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