Samsung Galaxy S II: A dose of style and performance

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Music and Video

A few words regarding the gallery, since honestly it's one of the few things on this phone that surely won't impress you. The Galaxy S II uses the standard Android gallery which automatically locates images and videos with no cencern regarding where they are stored. Few things have changed that are worthy to be mentioned, probably just the addition of the two-finger tilt zoom and the fact that it can now display full-resolution images. No worries, the double tap and the pinch zoom didn't go anywhere. A video and image editor are also pre-installed which help you handle the basics like image rotation, cropping, or arranging multiple clips and music on a certain timeline and even create a new movie to share. You'll have no problem in trimming videos, splitting them or even change the transition between scenes or many other tricks which will make you feel like a pocket Speilberg. As far as the music player, the Galaxy S II uses the TouchWiz which is reserved for the Galaxy S lineup. A sound-enhancing DNSe technology has been added and you can really feel the improvement. Samsung has also enabled equalizer presets and a 5.1 channel virtualization while still offering you a simple list-based interface.

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In the case of the phone suddently loosing battery power or having a software meltdown, you shouldn't worry. The video player will have no problem in remembering the last viewed position of the video, allowing you to go back where at the beggining. What truly turned out to be difficult was finding a file format that the video player couldn't handle. We couldn't do it, since it supports everything from .WMV to .AVI passing through .MP4 and .MKV (H.264). The FM radio with RDS isn't missing either having a simple interface and giving you the option to save as many as 8 stations as favourites. Although you can listen on the loudspeaker, we strongly recommend the headset.

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II: A dose of style and performance

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