Samsung Galaxy S II: A dose of style and performance

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Camera and Connectivity

A worthy 8MP auto-focus camera was designed for the Samsung Galaxy S II, for photos of up to 3264 x 2448 pixel resolution. It comes equipped with a LED flash but surprisingly there is nothing in the way of lens protection or physical shutter key. The S II makes up in terms of features, offering you virtually everything there is to offer: scene modes, touch focus, face/blink/smile detection, geotagging, metering mode, almost everything you could wrap you head around. The images are very good, there is low no non-existent noise, lots of fine detail and as far as the color and contrast go, you'll also have a pleasant surprise. Sure, colors tend to be a little oversaturated, but truthfully, we like'em that way. The video camera can record video thanks to its front facing camera as well as the one on the back. The interface is the same as the one of the still camera, offering you the identical customizable panel. Resolution is limited to VGA but the FullHD videos are trully state of the art, full of detail and generally as smooth as they could be.

Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II

As far as connectivity goes, the S II starts off with the basics - quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and quad-band 3G, while AWS is surprisingly missing. More important though is the HSPA + with 21Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps uplink, which does not make it 4G! The exclamation mark is meant for some carriers who try to sell it as being 4G although it's not. Promising transfer speeds up to 21Mbps we find the reliable Bluetooth 3.0 with High Speed. If you are looking for blazing speed, Wi-Fi Direct is the way to find it, a similar technology but having the power to offer some incredible speed records. Also, the Wi-Fi support includes a/b/g/n versions, having both 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz band compatibility. The interface of the Android web browser basically remained the same, but that doesn't mean that the hardware specs of the Samsung Galaxy S II also stood still. Not only did the specs not remain still, but they now take the user experience to great heights. It's a huge pleasure to lay back and read something, thanks to the large, sharp display with all those great colors. Also, the browser happily supports both double tap and pinch zooming as well as the all new two-finger tilt zoom. Niceties such as multiple tabs, text reflow, find a page are also present, leaving you with only one dillema: what else could you wish for?

Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II: A dose of style and performance

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