Samsung Galaxy S II: A dose of style and performance

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Design and Display

Undoubtedly, this is the moment where everything is going to change. A new world is going to begin, a new galaxy is flooding the universe with an explosion of energy and speed, all due to the highly acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S II. It's probably the best Android phone up to date and although it's not indicated to make conclusions in the introduction, it really is a great phone, all aspects considered.

Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II

Nowadays the market is viciously competitive, but the S II has many firsts to be proud of and has a specs sheet like no other before. It's got Samsung's very own Exynos chipset, an ultra-slim body and the best feature, the marvelous Super AMOLED Plus screen. And this is only a teaser. The weight is quite impressive as well, being 3 grams lighter than the original Galaxy S. So, although it weighs only 116g, the construction of the handset enables you to have a strong grip. Another good aspect is the back, which has also been improved, giving it a textured surface which we previously knew from the Galaxy Ace, a finish that is immune to fingerprints and increases the strong grip feeling.

Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II

Maybe some metal here and there might of suited the device, but since it also would have upped the weight, we're willing to let it go not as a flow, but as a second best option. Honestly, it doesn't even matter that much what kind of finish the design team would have chosen, since the 4.3'' Super AMOLED Plus screen is the main attraction, vusually speaking. While it chose to retain the WVGA resolution of its predecessor, it uses a somewhat conventional matrix with three-subpixels per pixel as opposed to the PenTile matrix of the first-gen Super AMOLED displays. These inovative displays are primarily known for wide viewing angles with no loss of contrast or color distortion, which is pretty much what you hope for in a display. No reproaches can be made about screen sensitivity either, since Samsung managed once again to buid a great capacitive unit. Backround Effect is a new screen setting made especially for the Galaxy S II, giving the user the option to adjust saturation with three available modes: dynamic, standard as well as movie in descending order of color intensity. What else can be said except that Super AMOLED Plus screens and smartphones are definitely a match made in heaven. Offering you unrivaled image quality, energy efficiency as well as great sunlight legibility and perfect viewing angles, you can't really ask for anything more.

Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II

The original Galaxy S model has an annoying design flaw that fortunatelly has been addresed. We're talking about the power/lock button that no longer falls on a sloped edge and due to the correction, there isn't any risk of the phone slipping off your hand, when you choose to press it. A few benchmarks would consist of the unprotected 3.5mm audio jack, which is situated on the top of the S II and the microUSB port which is located the bottom and obviously used for data connection and charging. If you remove the incredibly thin battery cover, you should find the SIM compartment as well as the 1650mAh battery and the microSD card slot. Although the memory card isn't hot-swapable, the card slot can take microSD of up to 32GB managing to steady the balance.

Samsung Galaxy S II: A dose of style and performance

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