Samsung M8910 Pixon12: By the dozen

ExtraGSM Team  |  December 31 1969  |   Comments 0

The Pixon12 is about to be three times lucky. But any way you look at it, it's nothing short of a dozen. Not that we wanted to make that much fuss, but a bunch of 12 megapixel pictures coming from a phone are always worth it. All the more so, when they come out just right. With two quick primers behind us already, we're about to focus on the Samsung M8910 behind the Pixon12.

The Samsung M8910 Pixon12 is a top of the line cameraphone but some may find it guilty of not being a smartphone. It's got the ultimate in still photography but not the best video a handset can offer. It's a dream-come-true upgrade but can the mishaps of the original Pixon spell trouble? Awaiting its official launch, the Pixon12 is standing tall against the odds.

When it comes to capturing your moments and sharing them with the world though, the Pixon12 will hardly let you down. On top of the industry leading camera, the phone has all the connectivity options you may need.