Private Call and Sms Guard For S60 3rd

Summary :

Hide&Protect your private information(SMS&,all&file) + BlackList Filter + Personalized incoming call rejections

Description :

Private Call&Sms Guard For S60 3rd Edition
for Nokia 3250, 5500, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93, E50, E60, E61, E62, E70

"Private Call&Sms Guard" is a powerful mobile application--integrating the main features of several the most popular Call&SMS application. It helps mobile end users to manage incoming short messages (SMS) and phone call logs, It can take control your Phonecall(BlackList Filter, Personalized call rejections for each of the members, Records Phonecall), It also help users to manage file securiry and keyboard autolock.

User Guard
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It has the following functions:

1 Phone call management

  • Reject all incoming calls. In this mode, all of the incoming call will be automatically rejected. It can be used in the time when a user does not want to be disturbed (for example, when a user is driving a car or having a meeting)
  • Accept only recognized call. In this mode, all of the unknown calls will be rejected; those recognized calls (names are already stored in the phonebook/contacts) will be not affected.
  • Reject calls from blacklistBIn this mode, all of the calls from the predefined blacklist will be automatically rejected, whereas the rest of the calls will not have any effect. An end user can make use of "Manage Lists" function to create the needed blacklist. This can be used in the situation when a user does not want to be harassed from some people.
  • Accept call from whitelist. In contrast to the previous one, in this mode, mobile only accept calls from the predefined whitelist. All of the other calls from non-whitelist will be automatically rejected. An end user may use "Manage Lists" function to create the needed whitelist.
  • Personalized call rejection. In this modeCan end user may define personalized call rejections for each of the members in the "Specific List". A user may select "Reject call", "Reply by SMS" or "Greeting" options to reject calls. A user may use "Manage Lists" to create his/her "Specific list".

    2 SMS management
  • "Call Manager" can help to manage the SMS messages in the mobile phone to make the needed messages visible or invisible in the "Inbox/Sent" of the Nokia "Messaging" application. In this case, a user can hide the sensitive information even your phone is lost, or the user does not want to share the information with others.
  • An end user may create his/her "Baby list" using "Call Manager". Once the "Baby list" has been set up, in the next start-up of "Call Manager", it will automatically scan all of the existing short messages. If a message is to from the "Baby list", then messages will be automatically hidden. In addition, it can also automatically hide the short mssages from "Baby list" if it is running. This will eventually protect the user's privacy since others cannot view the SMS without supplying a correct password.

    3 Phone call log management
  • All of the phone call records from "Baby list" will be automatically hidden. A user can ONLY view the phone call record by inputting a correct password.
  • When a call from one of the member in the "Baby list" comes in, if it is not answered, then a small "mobile phone icon" will keep blinking until the user enters either "Manage SMS" or "Call Records" area with a correct password provided.

    4 Phone call recording
    Whenever a call has been establish (in whichever user interface), if a user wants to record the caller's voice (for example, please tell me your phone number or your home address, then I can record it down), the user just simply needs to simultaneously press "ABC" key(on which has a pen icon) and "+" key, "Call Manager"will automatically invoke the "Recorder" application in S60 to record the telephony voice.

    5 automatic call rejection
    When this function is used, all of the incoming calls will be automatically rejected. If the caller uses a mobile phone to make the call,then the caller may receive a customized SMS message. This is especially useful when a user does not want to be disturbed; however,he/she still wants the caller to get some information about the callee. A user may choose an SMS template like "I am driving call"or "I am having a meeting now, please do not disturb me"as a reply.

    6 Automatic removal of the SMS message from the blacklist

    7 Keyboard autolock

    8 Quick key lock function

    9 File Encrypt




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